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Online Registration

The 19th International Seminar on Hydropower Plants uses ConfTool, a conference management software, to handle the registration and abstract submission » Online registration. Please follow the steps below to register as a participant. (Click on thumbnail to enlarge the link.)

Creating a New Conftool Account
I) Create a New ConfTool Account
If you have not obtained a ConfTool account for this conference before, your first step will be to create a new account. As author, member of the program committee or reviewer for this event, you will most likely already hold a ConfTool account. Please use your existing account for registration as participant. To create a new account select the link "Register New" on the login page and follow the instructions given there. Please enter your full name and address, and provide a valid e-mail address, since these details are required to contact you. If you already hold an account, log-in with your user name and password at "Registered Users".

If your secretary registers you for the conference, the record of the participant should be entered as this data are necessary for the participant list. For the purpose of registration confirmation, the email address of the secretary could be entered at the "Personal Assistant E-mail (cc E-mail)" field. Both, the participant and your secretary will get the confirmation email on registration.

Participant Registration Process

This option will be avaible after 1st May 2016. Further information on the registration process will be given here after this opening day.