The main theme of this seminar is the advanced technologies concerning hydraulic machinery and systems, which will contribute to enhance the sustainable development of water resources and hydropower production. The topics to be covered by this seminar include R&D, Numerical Analysis, Design, Operation, Monitoring, etc. as set out below:

A) Design and numerical calculation of hydraulic components
  • New equipment and infrastructure design
  • Numerical investigations of hydraulic and electrical components
  • Efficiency increase
  • Cavitating flows and erosion
  • Unsteady flow phenomena in hydraulic machines
  • Environmental issues in turbine design
B) Coating trends of hydraulic components
  • Coating of hydraulic components
  • Experience of coated components
  • New materials and manufacturing processes
C) Rehabilitation of hydropower plant and existing machines
  • Rehabilitation techniques
  • Best practice
  • Rehabilitation projects
D) Computational and experimental techniques
  • Models, algorithms and code development in hydrodynamics
  • Simulation and analysis of cavitating and multi-phase flows
  • Flow stability and control
  • Vibrations and fluid structure interactions
  • Experimental measurement and analysis
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization
E) Hydraulic systems and transient behaviour
  • Machine and Plant behaviour
  • Change of operational point
  • Impact of primary regulation on the grid stability
  • Flow Measurements
  • Numerical calculations of infrastructure behaviour
F) Intelligent control systems
  • Self learning systems
  • Advanced instrumentation
G) Operation and maintenance
  • Maintenance strategies and cost reduction
  • Monitoring, diagnosis, optimization and predictive maintenance systems
  • Efficiency and vibration measurement and analysis
  • Dysfunctions, failure analysis, accidents
H) Pumped storage
  • Technical innovations
  • Projects
  • Operation
  • Hydro in Synergy with Other Renewables
  • Smart storage
I) Small hydro and very low head turbine
  • Technical innovations and engineering solutions
  • Drinking water turbining
  • Irrigation turbining
  • Reserved flow of large Hydropower plants turbining
  • Small hydro in protected areas
  • Smart grid machines and developments
J) Hydrokinetic turbines
  • Research, Development & Innovations
  • In-stream / Ultra Low Head Systems
  • Deployed Projects: Experiences from Across the Globe
K) Sustainability aspects
  • Framework
  • Guidelines
  • Best practice in projects Environmental issues: greehouse gases from reservoirs, river basin considerations
  • Social and stakeholder management