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Following the successful 17th Seminar in 2012 (with about 350 participants) the "Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics", Research group "Fluid-Flow machinery" and the "Institute for Testing and Research (LTD)" at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria are organizing the oncoming event.


Hydropower is the first, largest and most efficient renewable energy source. It fulfils additional needs such as CO2 savings, energy storage, flood control, irrigation, water supply and sustainable economic and social development. But generation and consumption of electricity do not always run together concurrently.

Power fluctuations due to intermittency of volatile renewable energies become more important with increased penetration of wind and solar power plants in the electricity grid.

Pumped storage power plants are ideally suited in helping to even out these frequent changes between electricity shortages and surpluses, not only on the day – night basis. Pumped storage is the best proven, economically viable and large-scale way of energy storage.

Nevertheless, this means new innovations and development needs for the future to fulfill the expected requirements. Starting at the lowest level we have to take care about the continuous improvements of the cycle efficiency or the availability and reliability at existing hydropower plants. New ideas for more challenging sites are also one step forward on this way. For example very high or very low head sites, small decentralized pumped storage plants can be taken into account. Last but not least the upgrading of existing hydropower plants by variable speed machines shows a new opportunity.

The objective of the coming conference is to present, discuss and experience exchange future trends and needs in the field of Hydropower.

Supplement WasserWirtschaft

In Co-Operation with WasserWirtschaft magazine the supplement to the regular edition in May 2015 will contain selected articles of the Viennahydro 2014 conference. A representative cross section of articles in consens with the conference topics has been aggregated.

Participants of the Viennahydro 2014 conference will receive a link to the online version free of charge.

The printed version can be ordered at for about 29,90 Euros.

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