Vienna Hydro


The main topics and categories are listed in the following list:

A) Pumped storage
  • Technical innovations
  • Projects
  • Operation
  • Hydro in Synergy with Other Renewables
  • Smart storage
B) Design and numerical calculation of hydraulic components
  • New equipment and infrastructure design
  • Numerical investigations of hydraulic and electrical components
  • Numerical calculations of infrastructure behaviour
  • Efficiency increase
  • Cavitating flows and erosion
  • Unsteady flow phenomena in hydraulic machines
  • Numerical simulation and analysis of cavitating and two-phase flows
  • Environmental issues in turbine design
C) Transient behavior
  • Machine and Plant behavior
  • Change of operational point
  • Impact of primary regulation on the grid stability
  • Flow Measurements
D) Operation and Maintenance
  • Maintenance strategies and cost reduction
  • Monitoring, diagnosis, optimization and predictive maintenance systems
  • Efficiency and vibration measurement and analysis
  • Dysfunctions, failure analysis, accidents
E) Small Hydro
  • Technical innovations and engineering solutions
  • Drinking water turbining
  • Irrigation turbining
  • Reserved flow of large Hydropower plants turbining
  • Small hydro in protected areas
  • Smart grid machines and developments
F) Hydrokinetic turbines
  • Research, Development & Innovations
  • In-stream / Ultra Low Head Systems
  • Deployed Projects: Experiences from Across the Globe
G) Sustainability aspects
  • Framework
  • Guidelines
  • Best practice in projects Environmental issues: greehouse gases from reservoirs, river basin considerations
  • Social and stakeholder management