Vienna Hydro


The main topics and categories are listed in the following list:

A) New projects and refurbishment
A 1. Design and Planning
A 2. Realization
A 3. Best practice guides
A 4. Examples

B) Design and numerical calculation of hydraulic components
B 1. New equipment and infrastructure design
B 2. Numerical investigations of hydraulic and electrical components
B 3. Numerical calculations of infrastructure behaviour
B 4. Efficiency increase
B 5. Cavitating flows and erosion
B 6. Unsteady flow phenomena in hydraulic machines
B 7. Numerical simulation and analysis of cavitating and two-phase flows
B 8. Environmental issues in turbine design

C) Pump storage
C 1. New and Refurbishment Projects
C 2. Operation
C 3. Variable speed turbines and pumps
C 4. Oscillatory and vibration problems in Pump storage power plants
C 5. Systems of Pump storage and Wind power production

D) Maintenance and safety
D 1. Maintenance strategies and cost reduction
D 2. Monitoring, diagnosis, optimization and predictive maintenance systems
D 3. Efficiency and vibration measurement and analysis
D 4. Dysfunctions, failure analysis, accidents

E) Small Hydro
E 1. Technical innovations and engineering solutions
E 2. Drinking water turbining
E 3. Irrigation turbining
E 4. Reserved flow of large Hydropower plants turbining
E 5. Small hydro in protected areas

F) Sustainability and social impacts of Hydropower Plants
F 1. Decentralized electricity production and grid management
F 2. Sustainable water management and optimal use of resources
F 3. Environmental integration and adequacy of Hydropower Plants to the ecosystem
F 4. Effect of the climate change on hydropower
F 5. Fish migration

G) Administration practice
G 1. Administrative obstacles
G 2. Current support mechanisms for small hydro
G 3. Expert opinions at licensing processes