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Following the successful 18th Seminar in 2014 (with about 320 participants) the "Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics", Research group "Fluid-Flow machinery" and the "Institute for Testing and Research (LTD)" at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria are organizing the oncoming event.


The role of hydropower in the present energy system is subjected to constant change. Required ancillary services to stabilize the electric grid affect an ever more flexible operation of existing Hydropower plants. However, new systems have to be subjected to enhanced design guidelines too. So it is no longer enough to guarantee the best performance only at the optimum point, also the off-design operation is becoming increasingly important. Especially at low part load condition higher loads arise for the machines, which affect the lifetime of the component.

Background of this change is the appearance of new players in the energy mix within Europe. Increasing installation of renewable energy sources and the shut-down of nuclear power plants in Germany caused the need of more flexible operation of the existing power plants. Primary and secondary control gets more and more important. A prequalification of the power plant and its machines is needed to enable support of the electric grid with these ancillary services.

Today’s circumstances put on one side additional pressure on hydropower plants but on the other side they offer new chances and possibilities for this energy source. Research and development in the direction of more flexible operation and influence on hydraulic machines are necessary to be competitive in the future market. The objective of the coming conference is to present, discuss and exchange experience related to these new efforts and challenges in hydropower development.


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